Thursday, December 20, 2007

John Essentials: John Abraham's inner wear brand!

John Abraham's amazing style quotient along with the sense of dressing could be gauged by his brand of Wrangler Jeans which was launched earlier this year.

And now John is planning to introduce a range of innerwear called John Essentials!

Excited about his new venture, John explained that he and his team will be launching JE accessories like belts, caps, shoes along with the underwear line. The designs will be approved by John himself.

Claiming to have put down almost all the offers pertaining to underwear advertisements, John added that he will certainly be the model for John Essentials, not for money but for the immense pride that he feels for his brand.

He also revealed about the vast collection of women wears from jeans, pedal pushers to racer backs and halter necks which are available in 17 stores all over India.

John wants JE line to be niche which stand for well-travelled, classic, retro and very James Dean in terms of look.

Well, no matter how niche he wants it to be, with style icon John selling his brand of products, everyone will wish to own it!

John Abraham's Official Site

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