Friday, December 14, 2007

Monsoon Wedding to be a Musical

Acclaimed filmmaker Mira Nair's 2001 hit Monsoon Wedding is all set to become the first Indian movie to be adapted as a musical.

The musical would star two big stars from the film industry whose names are not revealed yet.

The three-act stage version of Monsoon Wedding to be shown on Broadway would be directed by Mira Nair herself and its being produced by the same people who produced the 2002 award winning musical, Hairspray.

Mira also said that the musical would have few of the old songs as well as some new additions, which would be suitable in a stage format.

Stay tuned in!


c e e d y said...

Cool thanks for the news...once it comes I will attend it and give you a first person report :) how about that....

Ravi said...

@ceedy - Looking forward to your review pal :)