Saturday, December 8, 2007

Preity talks about missing Bollywood, feeling homesick and Deepa Mehta's Heaven On Earth

It isn't easy being a battered wife. It isn't easy playing one either!

This, Preity Zinta discovered over the past month while shooting in Toronto for Deepa Mehta's tale of domestic subjugation, Heaven On Earth.

The role got to Preity so badly, her mother had to fly down to cheer up the vivacious actress!

Said Preity, "It was mom's birthday on November 30, so she came over with my brother and niece for two days. That really helped me to re-connect with my real life, to appreciate how lucky I am to have a career without losing out on my family."

It's been tough for her in Toronto. She misses home and Bollywood.

"Especially Shah Rukh, Salman and Karan. The other night I was watching Veer-Zara and I fell completely homesick. Heaven On Earth is in Punjabi and English. That itself is a huge change from everything I've done so far. But the role is something else.

I never knew a character would effect me so deeply. I've become completely withdrawn and introspective. Playing such a role just makes me think about the plight of a majority of women who don't have access to the infrastructure that have helped women achieve a kind of liberation in our society."

The film is the real story of a battered NRI wife who bore years of domestic violence.

"I am in an alien environment, shooting a bleak life with a crew and way of working that's totally new to me. Here I am no star, just a member of the cast. Saturdays and Sundays are off. But I can't snap out of the character. I just sit in my hotel pouring over my lines," sighed Preity.


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