Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sanjay Dutt: I'll get 8-pack abs!

All those Bollywood hunks with six packs better step aside, Sanjay Dutt - the original stud of the silver screen, is back to claim his title!

Yes, Munnabhai who is out on bail, is using every moment of his freedom to get back into real action. "I am enjoying the luxury of time before I get down to serious work," said a charged Dutt who begins shooting for his next film EMI.

And, Dutt has a secret weapon up his sleeve.

He's enlisted the services of noted Hollywood training guru Mark Twight to get fighting fit. Twight had trained the warriors in the film 300 and got actor Gerard Butler, who plays the leader of the Spartans, into awesome shape.

Butler reportedly underwent months of strenuous workouts before shooting began. Dutt is hoping some of Twight's magic will rub off on him now.

"I have to wrap up some work and by end of February, he is flying down from LA. I will start training with him immediately," said an excited Dutt. He is confident that soon he will get a body that will be Bollywood's envy and his pride.

"Just give me six months, and I promise you I will have eight pack abs," added the actor. "Eight pack abs is a new concept here, but in the West, it's not uncommon. You can push your body to get it, but it's a very strenuous process."

He is not insecure or in competition with the league of present hunks in Bollywood.

"They all look damn good! I am glad everyone is understanding the essence of keeping fit," said Dutt, adding that working out has always been his first love.

"I am an actor not a body builder. Six pack abs don't guarantee success or make you a good actor. Your talent, dedication and a good body adds up to it all.

When I say I am going to get a fitter body, it's nothing to do with setting a trend, or that I am preparing for any specific role. I want to see how much I can push my body. It's a new high, a different kind of challenge for a man who loves working out."

Dutt, incidentally, has been an idol and inspiration for many Bollywood stars who today follow the path of fitness religiously. But the past few years, and his legal problems, have taken a toll on that once magnificent body.

"I have a strong belief in God, my loved ones, my fans, and most importantly in myself. I will bounce back again," said the actor who has himself been inspired by the likes of Sylvester Stallone and Al Pacino.

We're waiting for that 8-pack abs Sanju!

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