Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Shah Rukh Khan on cricket, smoking, Big B and being sexy!

Trust SRK to be always in news!

Here's the latest interview he gave to TOI's Mandvi Sharma in which he gets candid on issues surrounding him recently.

In the news, always: I've no complaints about that, for the simple fact that this is the world we've created. It's bound to happen with the increasing demand of movies and the economic boom in the film industry. More the movies, more the money and more the publicity both positive and negative. And honestly, if I want to be private about my life, then it's for me to take a decision.

BCCI's accusation: First of all, not everyone in BCCI thought I was promoting my film at the matches. It was just this one gentleman who thought so. But, some of the other officials felt otherwise. And honestly, they've always been very kind to me. But, at the same time, it's a bit disappointing. The other day, I'd gone to see my son's Taekwon-do, and I don't think it was for any promotion. I might also practice soccer with my son and his school mates once a week. I used to be a sports person in college and I've just gone back to my old love. All this is not for any promotion. Well, let me clarify that my films don't need promotion.

The sexiest man: I think I'm sexy, in a different kind of way. But I'm more sensual than sexy. Sexiness is just a state of the mind. I'm not saying that I've not seen people with good bodies who're sexy, even I have one! Sensuality is an inherent part of all human beings. So, while some say my humour is sexy, others think the way I carry myself is sexy it varies you see!

Mr Amitabh Bachchan & SRK: I know what my relationship with Mr Bachchan is. Our relationship is wonderful and we don't have to judge it by reading the tabloids. We work together, we meet, and I'm really fond of Abhishek. Both of them were a part of my film, and I've been a part of theirs. People think we're diplomatic. Even if we have our differences, we're too well-educated to make them public. But, at the same time, we haven't really had any differences. In fact, he's fond of me.

No smoking in public: Smoking is a bad thing, and no one should follow me in this. Also, I wear my hair and clothes in a certain way so! You don't have to put me on a pedestal. I'm an entertainer and should be taken that way. I pay my taxes and that's legal. I smoke, which again is legal. I don't do anything that's illegal. In fact, I would request photographers not to click me when I'm smoking.


divya said...

umm sucha sweetheart srk is :P loved his replies on smoking and being **** :)


Ravi said...

yup! he is good at everything...be it acting, dancing, romancing, page 3 public appearances, social gatherings etc...he is a cool actor, dedicated hubby and a gr8 dad for his 2 kiddos..no wonder he is a sweetheart!

tc divya and thx 4 stopping by :)