Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sridevi: Chapter 2 in Bollywood

Though Madhuri Dixit's Aaja Nachle didn't set the BO on fire, it re-enthused producer Boney Kapoor into designing his stunning wife Sridevi's return to Bollywood.

I discussed this before also way back in March, 07.

The actress who gave up the limelight in 1997 after marriage and two babies, is now at a place in life where she is comfortable with the idea of returning to films.

Said a close friend, "Sri began working at the age of six. When she got married she had no interest left in pursuing a career. But now that her daughters are growing up, she's open to doing a film a year."

Boney confirmed the news saying, "Sri's comeback is certainly on the cards. I'd be foolish not to utilize the talents of one of our best and most beautiful actresses when she's right here at home."

But now post-Madhuri's return, Sridevi's comeback is imminent. Madhuri at one time was considered Sridevi's closest rival.

"I won't say Sri and Madhuri were rivals. Madhuri was in many ways our resident actress. She did some of her best films with my brother Anil. We are looking at a couple of scripts very seriously. The film for Sridevi should be happening next year," revealed Boney.

Stay tuned in!

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