Saturday, December 29, 2007

Tom Cruise is coming to Bollywood!!

If actor-producer Vivek Vaswani has his way, Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise will be a part of his next film!!

According to some rumors buzzing around in Bollywood, Vivek Vaswani has approached Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise for the lead role in his next movie - Hotel, Motel and Patel.

Two bound scripts have been delivered to Cruise's agents for the film and Vaswani expects to begin as soon as he wraps up his current film, Dulha Mil Gaya starring Shah Rukh Khan, Sushmita Sen and Fardeen Khan.

Vaswani's ambitious English film revolves around a motel, where the Patels have come to stay and are joined by a Hollywood actor, which will hopefully be played by Tom.

Well.. as much as we like the sound of the film, we do hope that we get to see Tom shaking his delectable derrière to a song!

And after his latest flick, Lions for Lambs, got beat out by SRK's Om Shanti Om at the box office, it might be a wise choice for Mr. Cruise!

Stay tuned in!

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