Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Yana Gupta gets candid on Bollywood, music, fitness book and break up

Yana Gupta has moved on and away from her 'item girl' status.

She speaks to TOI on her future plans, things that keep her busy and her breakup from hubby.

How does she manage to look so sizzling in a photo?
She smiles, "It comes naturally to me. I always try to be myself."

And where has Yana been all these days?
"In London, busy recording my album (and doing a covershoot for Maxim!). It's basically a pop album and it'll soon be out in the market. I enjoy music, am passionate about it, in fact. And I hope it shows in the album."

And Bollywood?
"For the moment, no Bollywood. It will be more music for me. I am not saying that I will not work in movies anymore, but I will like to sing the songs myself and perform them on screen as well."

There is more to Yana than just song and dance. The Czech model is also penning a fitness book these days..
"It is more about my experiences of keeping fit. These days, I am busy juggling between composing music for my album and writing the book. I will hopefully be able to launch both by the end of this year."

She also seems to have dealt with her break-up with hubby pretty well..
"Yes, I have made myself busy and am loving every moment of it."

Looking for love again, is she?
"Not really. I am single, but not available," signs off Yana with a smile.

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