Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Exclusive: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Beyonce with Akshay Kumar in Sajid Nadiadwala's Kambakth Ishq!

Bollywood's Mr. Block-buster Sajid Nadiadwala is a man on a mission these days.

He has shrewd business acumen, as gauged from the fact that he has been churning block-blusters consistently. His last block buster being the mega successful Heyy Babyy, directed by debutant Sajid Khan.

Apparently the producer has a few surprises up his sleeve. From what we hear from an industry source, Nadiadwala is all set to go international with his next project, Kambakth Ishq.

And, Sajid has managed a casting coup in Kambakth Ishq.

Apparently, Arnold Schwarzenegger has agreed to play an interesting cameo in the film!

And, pop sensation Beyonce is also set to do a bootylicious act in the film!

Akshay plays a Hollywood stuntman in the film.

For the first time in Indian Cinema, our desi action hero will be seen with an international action icon, Arnold Schwarzenegger! Beyonce too is reportedly doing a sizzling act in the film.

Prashant Shah (line producer of Kambakth Ishq) says from LA, "Yes, we are in talks.

So far, we have had Deepa Mehta, who is a Canadian, Meera Nair and Gurinder Chadha who have been Indians of International origin making a splash in Hollywood.

But with Kambakth Ishq, it will be the first time, that an Indian producer will be doing this. It is only Sajid who has made this happen.

We are in talks with Beyonce, and we have also received a letter from Arnold Schwarzenegger's Office.

We are yet to work out the logistics. Things will be confirmed shortly, and we will be making a formal announcement, when that happens. We are also looking at other Hollywood names to join the cast of Kambakth Ishq."

Says Sajid Nadiadwala, "Yes, we shall be making a formal announcement very soon. I cannot reveal any further details. As our Indian film industry is making its presence felt and going global, I would like my banner - Nadiadwala Grandson - to scale the global level in film making too."

Stay tuned in!

Update: It turned out to be a rumor!!


Keshi said...

Akshay is hot ;-)


La vida Loca said...

Should be interesting

Ravi said...

@Keshi - It's amazing that even after spending 17 years in the film industry, girls find him HOT ;)

Looking at his past affairs with actresses, I agree with ya, Keshi!

Thanks for stopping by buddy :o)

@La Vida Loca - Hey! Thanks for dropping by, buddy :o)

I'm still mesmerized by your blog template!! And one more thing(off-the-record), your name reminds me of Ricky Martin ;o)

And yes, if this casting coup does happen then I guess, it would be historical, as it has never happened in the past, when an international action star of Arnold's stature has worked in Indian Cinema!

Thank you so much for coming, mam!

Take care :o)

Uzo said...

Wow...This is pretty interesting..I will admit that Akshay irritates me sometimes..but key kudos to him

Ravi said...

@Uzo - Yeah! This is indeed interesting, as long as it's true ;o)

Thanks for dropping by, buddy :o)

Take care!

sohan said...

How nice it will be..unbelievable.
I m impatiently waiting for this movie.

Ravi said...

@sohan - According to the latest update, Arnold is not doing the movie!

Too bad..I was so looking forward to this movie, and now I've lost all interest!

By the way, you've got a nice website there, buddy :o)

Thanks for stopping by!

vEENs said...

he is damn Hot.. and with every yr.. he looks hotter ;)

even if it is a rumor.. i don't care.. he is apna Arnold.. minus those muscles ;)

Ravi said...

@vEENs - I agree with you :o)

I have seen all his movies and I have most of his movies in my personal DVD collection!

Thanks for dropping by, Veens :o)

Take care!

sohan said...

Hi Ravi,
Hope everything is ok.hw r u? i m fine here.This is not a good news.I was expecting highly to see Akshay Kumar with Arnold.Anyway hv u watched RAMBO?

Ravi said...

@sohan - First Day, First Show :o)

You can check out its reviews on my other blog here:

Thanks for dropping by!