Sunday, January 13, 2008

Halla Bol - Movie Review

Apun Ka Choice: No matter how well intentioned Halla Bol is, the film, at the end of the day, fails to stir you up.

Halla Bol is too idealistic!

DNA India: Rajkumar Santoshi's Halla Bol undoubtedly has its heart in the right place. It advocates the theory that there is nothing more powerful than public opinion.

Rajkumar Santoshi's Halla Bol is a clone of his earlier hit film, Damini. But then, Damini was in a different league and was, so to speak, ahead of its time. Good performances, tight script and brilliant courtroom scenes. Sadly, the same cannot be said here.

Hindustan Times:
This one should have been titled Halla Bhool!

On the whole, Halla Bol is a powerful film that has its heart in the right place. At the box-office, Halla Bol has the power to grow with a strong word of mouth.

Movie Talkies:
The most heartening thing about this film is that the director has given a heartful treatment to the subject of public apathy and the corruption in the higher echelons of society. It's not a subject which is novel to commercial cinema, but what is novel is the manner in which Santoshi's treats the same.

Now Running:
Halla Bol discusses important social issues and also entertains. It's a movie packed with a powerful message and performances.

Santoshi's back with Halla Bol ! Enjoy the broadstrokes, the cliches, and, above all, the film's honesty.

Times Of India:
Halla Bol is a rambling film that tries to take on too many things: the underbelly of Bollywood, politics, police, page 3, media. So much so, it loses grip, ever so often. But what holds it together are some power-packed performances, a sensible topical theme and a handful of riveting scenes.


Deepali said...

Damini was a totally brilliant movie. Dramatize a live too much at places but still brilliant non the less.

Ravi said...

@Deepali - I still remember Sunny's famous "Dhai Kilo Ka Haath" dialogue from Damini ;o)

And yes, it was a gr8 movie..

Thanks for :o)

Deepali said...

I don't remember that line but I remember the 'tariq pe tariq' one.

vEENs said...

OK, I love Ajay and I rarely miss any of his movies ;)
Whatever they say, I am going to see it nonetheless.

Ravi said...

@vEENs - I've seen the movie and it's good.

Based on Jessica Lal murder incident in Delhi, the second half of the movie is truly rocking!

Thanks for dropping by :o)

Take care!

Ravi said...

@Deepali - Oh yes!

I remember the "tariq pe tariq" intense courtroom drama scene very well..

Sunny was absolutely superb in this movie.

Thanks for dropping by :o)

Take care!

Raj said...

This is an awesome movie.. The casting.. the dialogues.. the screenplay.. Hatsoff to the director.. Ajay Devgan has come a long way and he stands right side by Amir Khan in my view. Pankaj Kapoor.. god he is filled life into the movie..Powerful role and equally justified..

Anonymous said...

please dont go by the comments what Times.. CNN have given... This is a must watch movie..