Monday, January 28, 2008

Is Emraan’s marriage on the rocks?

Emraan and Parveen had been going around for almost five years before they tied the knot.

The marriage hit troubled waters when Parveen - who is a school teacher - recently got to know about Emraan's close relationship with a Pakistani girl, Sanaa.

Parveen was particularly upset, when she learnt that Emraan and the new woman in his life had spent some private moments in Cape Town (where Emraan was shooting for his new movie).

Sanaa's parents called Emraan's uncle, Mahesh Bhatt and informed him about his nephew's secret liaison.

Mahesh intervened and summoned Emraan to his Juhu office one afternoon recently.

The filmmaker tried explaining to Emraan that he was not doing the right thing. The conversation, which started off as a discussion, gradually snowballed into a heated argument and then a big showdown.

According to a journalist at Times Of India, "Mahesh told Emraan to live a steady marital life and focus on his career. Mahesh was simply advising Emraan for his good but Emraan thought that he was interfering in his life.

We first tried calling Emraan but he did not respond to our calls. We then sent him a text message to confirm the chain of events, which have rocked his personal life.

Although Emraan did not give out any details about his tumultuous personal life, he didn't deny the news either. His reply read, "Don't f*** me man!"

We then contacted Mahesh Bhatt and he said, "I am hardly in a position to moralise. But it's true that I did tell Emraan to deal with the affair with sanity or bear the consequences."

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vEENs said...

Mahesh Bhatt is Emraan's uncle?

ab-so-lute newss!!

I never knew this ;D

AND who would be not concious with a guy who goes around smooching other women... ;P

Ravi said...

@vEENs - Yup! They are related.

Lets see what happens with the "serial kisser"!!

Take care :o)