Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Is Salman Khan marrying Katrina Kaif this year?

That's the strong buzz doing the rounds in B-town lately!

Apparently before the year ends, Sallu miyan will get married to his sweetheart Katrina Kaif.

Finally, he has complied to the pleas and demands and made an earnest promise to his family - especially his mother Salma and dad Salim - that he is willing to sacrifice his bachelorhood at the alter, this year.

Salman's parents had made a final peremptory plea to the actor saying they want to see him happily married with kids. And Salman accepted without much fuss!

Marriage and Salman have always seemed poles apart.

One of his friends said, "He promised his parents that he will marry this year. Hope he doesn't change his mind. Knowing him, anything is possible!"

Even if it is a good news for his well-wishers, it certainly isn't going to go down well with his female admirers. And why not?

With one of the good-looking bachelors in Bollywood giving up his bachelorhood, it's certainly going to be a disappointment for the girls ;o)

Stay tuned in!

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Uzo said...

Sallu getting married? Now this i have to see...Its about time though i think

Ravi said...

@Uzo - About time? I think, it's Over Time now ;o)

Lets see, what happens!

Thanks for dropping by, Uzo :o)

Take care!