Monday, January 7, 2008

Madhur Bhandarkar’s Fashion to be shot in Paris?

Plans are being made to shoot portions of Madhur Bhandarkar's film Fashion in Paris.

Paris Fashion Week Spring-Summer Haute Couture is just around the corner (January 21) and director Madhur Bhandarkar and production house UTV are thinking of shooting some important scenes of the film at the event.

The film unravels the inner workings of fashion industry through the story of a simple anonymous girl who goes on to become a supermodel in the fashion industry. Parallel to it would be the story of a riches-to-rags journey of another model.

The first role is being played by Priyanka Chopra. The second one is enacted by Kangana Ranaut.

If the production house manages to get permission from the organizers of the Paris Fashion Week, then the two leading ladies and a small shooting team would leave for Paris in the coming weeks.

However, Bhandarkar says the trip is still being planned and nothing has been finalized yet.

Stay tuned in!


Keshi said...

I love fashion but I dun like supa skinny models that look like clothes-hangers :)


Ravi said...

@Keshi - Even me love fashion (I watch FTV once a week just to check what's HOT these days!!) and I agree with you on the "hangers" bit ;o)

Hey! By the way, you're looking amazing in those pics over at your personal blog :o) (specially with the kiddos) and you've a great group blog too (between friends)

Thanks for stopping by, Keshi :o)

Take care!

Uzo said...

Hmm/...Shouldnt be too much of a stretch for Priyanka i think?

Ravi said...

@Uzo - I believe she is doing her Yoga on time!!

And moreover, they just have to hop onto a flight and roam around the world, shooting for films, shopping and enjoying life :o)

Thanks for stopping by, buddy!