Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Saif Ali Khan's advice to his fans: Practice safe sex!

Saif Ali Khan didn't just play the guitar along with rock band Parikrama, but also delighted fans by taking to the microphone, at the crowded Andheri Sports Complex in Mumbai recently.

The actor dished out covers of popular international artistes along with lead vocalist Nitin Malik, lead guitarist Sonam Sherpa and the rest of the Parikrama band.

He played Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple, that he said, got him to play the electric guitar. Also on his play list were AC/DC's Highway to Hell and Pink Floyd's Run Like Hell.

Seated amidst the crowd was Saif's daughter, to whom he dedicated Chuck Berry's Johnny B. Goode.

Malik and Saif also sang AC/DC's Whole Lotta Rosie and The Doors' Roadhouse Blues.

Earlier in the evening, Pakistani band Strings took centre stage.

They dished out numbers like Aakhri Alvida off their newly acquired Gibson 500 guitar. They also doled out a Bollywood medley that had the crowd grooving.

The enthralling evening came to an end with these last words from Saif: "God bless you all, take care and have safe sex!"

The trio's next performance is in Kolkata - Jan 25 and New Delhi - Jan 27.

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