Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Salman’s got a heart of gold

Salman Khan has often been addressed as the 'Brat' of bollywood. But many have been moved by Salman's acts of kindness and charity.

Salman has often supported his fellow colleagues in the industry at times of crisis (Aman Verma scandal). Salman has also helped several actors, directors and composers get their break in bollywood.

One living example of this is our very own Himesh Reshammiya!

Salman has now extended his kindness to 11-year- old Arvind Jain, a fan who has come all the way from London to meet Salman!

Arvind, who is physically challenged (due to muscle disorder) is a big movie buff and has always had the desire to meet his favourite actor, Salman Khan.

On a short visit to Mumbai, Arvind's parents expressed their son's desire to the Khan family who warmly welcomed Arvind over tea.

Salman spent time talking to the young lad who was nervous at first, but we all know that Salman shares a great rapport with kids, and thus had his way!

The two spoke a lot, right from movies to Madame Tussauds and much more.

Salman indeed loves kids and has got one big heart :o)

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