Friday, January 25, 2008

Shah Rukh Khan, Priety Zinta bag teams in IPL bidding

After months of speculation, the verdict is finally out.

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan - who had expressed a keen interest in acquiring a team in BCCI's much awaited Indian Premiere League (IPL) - has emerged as one of the successful bidders, thereby, getting hold of the Kolkata team.

Mukesh Ambani emerged as the highest bidder bagging the Mumbai team while liquor baron Dr.Vijay Mallya was not far behind when he won the bid for Bangalore.

However, a surprising name among the winners of the bid was none other than Preity Zinta, who has bagged the Mohali team!

One thing's for certain...with such big names from entertainment and business world now associated with this event - apart from top cricketers - it will indeed be a spectacle, when the season kicks off somewhere in the middle of this year!

Video: Shah Rukh Khan speaking on IPL bidding

Video: Preity Zinta speaking on IPL bidding


Uzo said...

Very interesting...I swear the Ambanis will rule the world at this rate...*smile*...Preity is a suprise....It shows that they are business people as well...

Ravi said...

@uzo - Celebrities these days are smart...they know that, in long run, the only thing which would stand, is their business skills.

Some open hotels (Mithun) some open fashion houses/restaurants/water parks (sunil shetty) and some people - like SRK and Preity - secure their future by entering into such mega deals.

As far as Ambanis are concerned, yup! they are wonder Mukesh Ambani is the richest Indian alive currently!

Thanks for dropping by, mam :o)

Take care!

vEENs said...

ooo!! Look at Preity and Ness!! They both make a thunderous couple!

I hear she is all set to invest a whooping 140 Cr. And the max by Ambani's at 400+Cr!

I wonder if so much money is really really needed!!!