Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Shah Rukh Khan's new look overtakes the Undertaker!

The Undertaker can go and eat cake, and the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) can consider infringement of copyright, on the exclusive look of menace of its star entertainer!

But Shah Rukh Khan will not be put off. Yes, take a peek at the new SRK today.

Post Chak De! India, if the Bollywood Badshah worked on his new six-pack look for Om Shanti Om, then post OSO, this is how he looks!

From the lover boy of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge to the mature hockey coach of Chak De! India to the latest muscular hero, SRK has made the transition with ease. And now this!

Though, like I said earlier, the 6 feet 7 inches bruiser who provides the chills and spills of the WWE ring, is not going to be very amused.

As it is, Undertaker's massive body took quite a trouncing 12 years ago from Akshay Kumar in Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi, and now this image is bound to hound Undertaker with apna SRK getting into the act of heavy breathing, deadly silence and murder in the eyes.

Tsk, tsk, maybe it's really time for the Undertaker to Rest In Peace!


vEENs said...

Tsk Tsk, May be it is time for SRK to rest. We got to see enuf already; look here for what I am talking about.

Ravi said...

@vEENs - Ha Ha He He Ho Ho :o)

Excellent photographs of SRK Vs MJ you've there on your blog..totally hilarious :o)

And yes, I'm a regular reader of Sakshi as well and her blog was one of the first I added to my Google Reader last year.

And also, let me say..I really liked that music player on your was playing Mandy Moore when i visited your page!

Does the track changes on every visit or is it like u can put a different track daily to run?

Take care :o)

иidhi S said...

Gosh whats becomin of him...he's goin down the drain...:O

dunno - i shud be amused or be worried.

Ravi said...

@иidhi S - Well...only time would tell where SRK is heading!

Hey, thanks a lot...for coming to my blog, mam :o)

I hope, you would find this small blog of mine of any use to you (as I know you're a huge movie buff) and I hope, I would be able to entertain you with whatever little I post here.

Take care!

pryanka said...

shahrukh khan ur my life and without u I can't live!!!I love u so much...

иidhi S said...


now that u mention to tell

u have got me hooked to ur Blog now when its Bollywood all the way.

;B...Hope SRK gets back to his senses soon..or is it a new look for a nother movie..heard he ws doin some iten no. for Rakesh-Hritik's next...(nt sure though)...WOTSAY...!!


Ravi said...

иidhi S- Yup, this look is for an upcoming song in which SRK is performing..and let me inform you, SRK is not doing Krrish 2 (according to the latest buzz going around in tinsel town)

And...thank you so much for appreciating my blog, Nidhi :o)

It feels good to see that, there are people who read what I write!

Thanks 4 your time n visit, buddy!

Take care :o)