Monday, January 28, 2008

Sunday - Movie Review

Apun Ka Choice: Rohit Shetty's Sunday is no laugh riot. But it is indeed a good fun to watch once.

This weekend, skip Sunday!

DNA India: The whole film stinks of a let's-make-hay-while-the-sun
-shines attitude, never the right reason to do anything creative!

It is Arshad Warsi who puts life into his role, closely followed by Irrfan Khan.

Hindustan Times:
As it happens so often in films with a strong supporting cast, Arshad Warsi and Irrfan Khan just lift up the sagging film with its non-happening thrills and thanda romance. Otherwise, amnesia will strike the minute you leave the cinema!

IndiaFM: On the whole, Sunday is a well-made entertainer that has the potential to click with moviegoers.

Movie Talkies
: Rohit Shetty's Sunday delivers on its promise of being an entertaining film.

Now Running: Don't go expecting an out-an-out comedy flick, you'll be disappointed!

Rediff: Sunday has comedy but no thrills!

Times Of India:
A Southie re-make, the film is a smart little teaser, but with too many loosely edited sequences, especially in the first half. But if you've managed to be attentive till the second half, you may just be rewarded for going through the first-half grind.

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