Monday, January 14, 2008

Taare...New Delhi politicians par!

When Aamir Khan organised a special screening of Taare Zameen Par for the leader of Opposition - L.K. Advani - in New Delhi recently, there were speculation like, 'Is Aamir joining BJP?' at the venue!

But Aamir just laughed while Shatrughan Sinha (also present at the special screening) explained, " Hum toh chahte hain ki Aamir jaisa kalakaar aur neta har desh, har party ko miley!" (we want that every country should have an actor and politician like Aamir!).

A special viewing: Enjoying the oh-so-exclusive screening were Advani and his wife Kamla, daughter Pratibha and son Jayant.

Aamir's aunt Najma Heptullah (who thought of showing the movie to Advani) was spotted posing for the shutterbugs with Pratibha.

Delhi's mayor Arti Mehra walked in while the screening was on, and blamed her late arrival on the Delhi traffic!

On the movie, Advani had this to say, "I want to thank Aamir for this movie. This movie has changed the way people look at their kids."

We think so too, Advaniji!

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