Thursday, February 14, 2008

Aishwarya is not doing Shankar's Robot

It was officially announced that Aishwarya was to play Rajinikanth's lead lady in Shankar's Robot, but it is official now that the former Miss World is no more part of the project!

So what could be the reason behind the twist in the tale?

Well, there are two versions:

# The first is that, Aishwaya Rai Bachchan is pregnant!

Could it be that, this lovely star has turned down the offer, because she is expecting her first child and, has hence decided against a project which is scheduled to start only later this year?

Until the Bachchans decide to release the pregnancy news (if any) officially, we'll have to wait!

# The second version is that, Ash was offered a sum less than she desired, so she declined the role in a huff!

Yes, it was earlier said that, she had been offered a whopping Rs 6 crore, for her role and that she had been okay with it. Now the talk is that, the actual offer was much less and not astronomical enough, for Ash's taste.

No matter which version is true, the definite part about the news is that Ash is indeed out of Robot.

So who is Shankar trying to rope in now? Deepika Padukone!

Will Deepika be willing to pick up where Ash left off?

Stay tuned in!

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vEENs said...

blah! It doesn't even matter anymore.

Only the Tamilians, do see his movies;