Friday, February 8, 2008

Bipasha Basu's new look!

When it comes to being experimental and gutsy, there is no female in Bollywood who can compete with Bipasha!

Known for initiating the short-is-in trend last year, the sultry actress is once again sporting a stunning short bob.

Absolutely chic and classy, her first public appearance with the new hair do was at the MTV Hero Honda Roadies event in Mumbai, which really made heads turn.

Adding the ultimate touch to Bipasha's new look, are the copper and reddish brown hair tones.

If you are wondering what prompted Bipasha to chop off her wavy locks even before it is summer, it was just the need for that 'change'.

It seems, Bips just called up Sapna Bhavnani - her hair stylist - and told her that she would drop in the next day to have a short crop. What followed was a two-hour session which ended up in Bips getting a trendy, classic bob cut!

"Bipasha is one of those few people in Bollywood who love to experiment with their hair. Also, what works in her favour is the fact that her hair is luscious, thick and silky.

Her attitude for style is unlike most of the other actresses who prefer to play safe with long hair. I am hopeful that Bipasha's bob will become a rage among fans in the coming season," says Sapna.

Ok Sapna, we'll see, if this hairstyle really becomes a rage!

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Anonymous said...

Chic, Sexy and Modern! Finally, a Bollywood actress who is knows it's 2008! Now the others have to do something with their boring too-long hairstyles! Way to go Bips!