Friday, February 8, 2008

Dostana: Karan Johar's next movie

Filmmaker Karan Johar's next movie is a tribute to his late father.

He has decided to name his next production - Dostana - after the 1980 blockbuster of the same name made by his father, Yash Johar.

The story is set in Miami and Karan's assistant - Tarun Mansukhani - will start shooting it, this summer.

Abhishek Bachchan, John Abraham and Priyanka Chopra lead the glamorous cast.

Says Karan, "Tarun Mansukhani's brilliant script (about friendship between two guys played by Abhishek and John) is funny, sassy, and hilarious!"

Karan gets nostalgic about the title.

"When my father produced Dostana in 1980, he was going through hard times. But all the three principal actors - Amit uncle (Bachchan), Shatrughan Sinhaji and Zeenat Aman - co-operated to the fullest. That's how the film was made."

So is the new Dostana a love triangle like the old one?

"Ha! Well, yes and no. All I can say on record is that, we've never had a love triangle like this before, and, you'll never see Abhishek and John playing something like this again," says Karan.

He's also relieved that, there was no title hassle this time.

"For Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna, I had to ask Aroona Irani aunty. She sweetly gave me the title in exchange for a kiss! For Dostana, I had to kiss nobody, except my father's memory."


vEENs said...

thats sweet.. now anything with AB junior is sweet and sexy ;)

Ashu said...

not again a crap mixture of KANK

Deewana said...

ohh yaah, shooting is going great down here in Miami, just down the street from me. seeing abhi and john working is great, to be honest with u, all three of them are very nice and polite, specially John is absoulately a nice person. very friendly and warm hearted. Saw and met Karan as well, waiting to see Shilpa shetty and priyanka. Took lots of their pictures, sweet memory. You guys ROCK!!! ohh yaah, crew is fantastic as well, specially Natasha.

Ravi said...

@Deewana - Can you mail me some of those lovely pictures, dude?

Thanks for dropping by, take care!

jayc912 said...

Hey Deewana, I live in Miami and would love to come see it. Mind telling me what area you live in?

Deewana said...

to Jayc912
where in Miami are you? you wanna come and see those shooting pictures? if you are in Miami, you can go out there and see the shooting itself, truly it's really fun, except that one particular ANNOYING SECURITY GUard, who thinks he's riding on top of the heaven, while talking to shilpa there. other than that, it's pure fun to watch those stars doing dancing and singing and roller blading, today on April 3, 08, it was at Bayside, from 4pm till late sevenpm. i met lots of famous ppls there, including manish malhotra, karan johar's mom, shilpa, abhie. took tons of great shots of all the actions. happy happy day there. can't wait to meet priyanka and aishwariya who is in town for birthday and anniversary party.

Neha said...

Hey i live in miami and want to see the shooting and meet few stars as well. i went to Bayside today and only saw Kiron Kher, but only from far away. I live 20 mins away from downtown. Can anyone tell me when they are will be shooting and where, i really really want to see them all. pls update me:

divs said...

hey deewana,

i read that you saw the shooting of dostana on 3rd april 08-

please can you email me the pics of abhi, john and shilpa for the shooting please.

it would be grateful if u email me on

i live in london.

u r so lucky to see the shooting.

please email me,


kind regards


divs said...

hey deewana,

i would be grateful to you if you can please email the pictures you took for the shooting dostana on 3 april 08, of john, shilpa and abhi

my email address:

i live in london, please share your pictures if you dont mind

kind regards


Anonymous said...

you must be kidding deewana. yours in an exception.

i live in miami, and these guys are the biggest jerks in bollywood. you cannot convince me, i have seen them misbehave with people.

they dont treat their fans right, and they are belittling in the worst possible ways. i'm not their fan any more.

bring on the Kapoors and least they show some respect to the people who have made them the superstars.

Anonymous said...

True true, they are the biggest J&*K, i gave up on them, not worth spending time and florida's hot sun on the head, and those stars think they are something. They are nothing if there are no fans to cheer them up. I saw Kiran Kher on the set, My gosh, she plainly hates her fan, few elder ppls out there wanted to take photo with her, and if you see her face expression, she could win an OSCAR for it and i will never ever wanna take photos with her. We worked hard to give them City of Miami's Mayor's office Highest Honor and award to them, but they didn't have time to go to City Office and receive them. We went for couple of time for a song shooting, i mean there were peoples from Miami, whose networth were in billions of dollars, went there to be part of it, but no one cares on the location. Treats us like a dirt bag. Let's see how this movie becomes successful!!!!. I feel sorry that they came to My Miami. it was peaceful and nice for past 25 years without them.