Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jean Claude Van Damme's daughter to act in Salman Khan's Veer?

Vijay Galani's Veer - directed by Gadar's director, Anil Sharma - is a big budget extravaganza.

The film has been in news because of its hero - Salman Khan - charging a never-heard-before packet of Rs 25 crore as his fee, and also for writing the script.

Now, according to the latest gossip doing the rounds in B-Town, there is a strong possibility of Hollywood star Jean Claude Van Damme's daughter starring in the film, in a crucial role!

"Yes she is here, but I wouldn't want to talk about it. She is a big man's daughter. Things arent' finalized yet," says director Anil Sharma.

Sharma isn't willing to disclose anything about the film, except that, it's a period film based in 1800 and Salman has been working hard on his physique.

It seems, he has to enhance his frame by one and a half times since he is playing a warrior, in the film.

Van Damme sports a ferocious physique, and is known world over, for his international action packed films like Bloodsport, Universal Soldier, Double Impact etc.

He has two sons and one daughter born in 1990 named Bianca from body builder, Gladys Portugues.

Considering both her parents are in physical sport, she must be a tough gal as well!

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MRS.ROMERO said...

I love Van Damme ....he so hot and fine...... and those mussles are so sexy.