Friday, February 22, 2008

Lisa Ray's comeback vehicle to Bollywood: Deepa Mehta's comedy movie, Stella

Out West, they think she's Satyajit Ray's daughter!

Lisa Ray is only too happy to be imbued with literary antecedents. After all, she once said she wanted to be a novelist and it's great to know, she's not entirely given it up.

"For now, I am totally engrossed in my acting career, especially after the release of Water. Writing is something I will take up, when I am very old and cannot move, because for now, I am enjoying my acting," she clarifies.

After her critically-acclaimed performance in Water, the controversial lesbian film - I Can't Think Straight - and the action thriller - Kill Kill Faster Faster - Lisa is working with Deepa Mehta again in the comedy, Stella.

The film began shooting hush-hush in Delhi, on a start-to-finish stretch this week.

This is Lisa's comeback to India after the steamy Kasoor in 2001, where she shared more than just screen space with her co-star Aftab Shivdasani.

Her inability to speak Hindi was one of the reasons, why she made no headway in Bollywood and returned to her home base in Canada.

Stella is Deepa's third film with Lisa.

She earlier did the light and frothy Bollywood/ Hollywood with Rahul Khanna in 2002, besides the controversial Water.

In Stella, she's perfectly cast as a 32-year-old Indian-Canadian in Delhi and looks a natural choice, for the part.

Lisa's co-stars in Stella are the Canadian TV phenomenon, Scott Speedman and the NRI Punjabi theatre-actor, Vajendra who makes his screen debut as Preity Zinta's husband in Deepa's Punjabi film, Heaven On Earth.

On the personal front, things seem to be perfect for Lisa, however she reveals that marriage is not for her.

"Well yes, I am living with someone and I am very happy. I do not believe in marriage, and that is how it's going to be!" she declares.

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