Saturday, February 2, 2008

Priyanka Chopra joins Madonna, Shakira & Marilyn Monroe in Sunsilk's Life Can't Wait campaign

Ex Ms World Priyanka Chopra has taken one step further to her stardom.

The beauty queen-turned actress will be joining the elite list of international celebrity figures like Madonna, Shakira and Marilyn Monroe with her recent appointment as the brand ambassador of hair care brand, Sunsilk.

Sunsilk hopes to inspire women around the world, to take a step forward and live life to the fullest, with the debut of their massive Life Can't Wait Campaign.

The Sunsilk Life Can't Wait Campaign features three of the world's most iconographic figures - Madonna, Shakira, and Marilyn Monroe internationally, and now Priyanka Chopra in India - all of whom symbolize the power of expression and making life happen.

So what does Queen of Pop, Madonna - while speaking on the Life Can't Wait theme - has to say?

"Every Sunsilk brand ambassador, including Priyanka Chopra, stands for freedom of expression; doing what she believes in; and going after her dreams. I am my own experiment. I am my own work of art. If you are going to reveal yourself, reveal yourself. I have the same goal I've had ever since I was a girl. I want to rule the world and so does every Sunsilk brand ambassador."

And, what does Latino dancer Shakira have to say, about Priyanka's Life Can't Wait moment?

"Priyanka Chopra is experiencing a typical Life Can't Wait moment, which is a time when you seize an opportunity and live for today. Every Sunsilk brand ambassador is a living embodiment of the belief that, in order to catch up with life's pace, you need to be ready to seize every opportunity that comes your way…else you will be somewhere invisible in the crowd of people, who just dream big but don't make an attempt, to realise their dreams and transform them into a living reality."

Talking about her 'co-stars', Priyanka avers, "The legendary Marilyn Monroe is my favourite icon. I have read her biographies and feel that she has this enigmatic, mysterious and unattainable aura around her.

Madonna and Shakira have not taken their success for granted.

They have shown the willingness to innovate, and reinvent to make themselves relevant, to every age and generation. They are immortal and my dream in life is to be remembered for my professional greatness, long after I am gone."

So now, don't be surprised if you see Priyanka in the same TV commercial as Material Girl Madonna or the Hips Don't Lie Girl Shakira!


vEENs said...

Waow! This is an achievement...

Cool.. good going Priyanka

Keshi said...

thats just WOW!