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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Announcement: We have moved!

Change is a basic necessity of life. Whoever first quoted this, was very right!

For the last couple of weeks, I was working on developing my own website on Indian Cinema News.

Finally, after spending countless hours and coding, I'm all set to make the grand announcement :o)

Bollywood Buzz has moved to a new address,
Going forward, all the news - which you've been so lovingly reading here - would get published on the new site and this blog on Blogger would just act as a "Preview Site".

In other words, I'll just be posting brief snippets of the news here and the rest of the article would be on my new site.

Reason behind doing this?

I've spent 16 months on this Blogger platform, and this blog has around 2000 articles which are already linked to different web portals, news publications etc.
I've no intentions to remove or close this blog, as this blog is quite popular globally, and it attracts a lot of traffic which is essential for my new baby (my new blog).

So till the time, my new blog is still a baby, I would keep posting small snippets of news here also with a link pointing to my new blog.

Since is a brand new blog, it will take some time to gain momentum in Indian Blogosphere.
However, I'm sure, with all your love and support, too would gain the same popularity as Bollywood.blogspot enjoys :)

Technical notes:

# All those people, who have subscribed to my feeds need not to update anything. I've made sure that, this transfer of domains does not hamper their subscription. You would keep getting all the news regularly in your respective feed readers.

# All those people, who have subscribed to my email newsletter, I would request them to please visit and leave their email addresses in the newsletter option. Within 24 hours, they would start getting fresh Bollywood news.

# All those people, who've bookmarked this blog in their respective browsers, please remove this blog and bookmark my new blog,

I'm thankful to all you guys out there, who've been visiting and reading this blog since 2006.
It's because of your love and affection towards this blog, that I decided to take it to the next level.

So people, I'll be looking forward to your much appreciated visits on my new blog :o)

Take care, everyone!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Snapshots: Celebrities@Filmfare Awards 2007

The evening of the 23rd of February came and went, and the 53rd Filmfare Awards went down in history, as yet another one to be remembered and cherished!

The tight security within the premises of Yashraj Studios, the elegance of the red carpet, the presence of stars - who ensured that not a strand of hair was out of place at this very formal black tie event - only added to the seriousness and elegance of Filmfare.

Bollywood Buzz captured it all in snapshots. Have a look!

Fashion Check@Filmfare Awards 2007

The most awaited filmy function - Filmfare Awards 2007 - eventuated on Saturday night - amongst much fanfare - at the Yash Raj Studios.

Bollywood Buzz gives you an insight on who-was-wearing-what on that night!
Glamorous Gul Panag was in a backless beige coloured gown. She was looking sensuous in her off shoulder silhouette.

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