Sunday, December 24, 2006

Hubby dumps pregnant Laila Rouass

CALL IT QUITS: Laila, who got married in 2005, has moved out of her marital home. (Pic:
Former Channel [V] VJ Laila Rouass, who married millionaire Nasa Khan in November 2005 has been dumped by him because she’s pregnant.

One of Rouass’ close friends revealed that the couple have decided to call it quits, because Khan was not interested in becoming a father just yet.

“They have split due to the fact he is not very happy about the pregnancy,” The Sun quoted one of Laila’s as saying.

Rouass went to the doctor’s office in November thinking she had a kidney infection following back pains, but to her complete astonishment, the Footballers’ Wives star found out that she was six months pregnant.

Her friends revealed that while Laila was clearly delighted with the news, her husband, owner of The Accessory People retail chain, didn’t quite share the same feelings.

The couple has married in November 2005 shortly after meeting at a party.

The pal also revealed that Rouass, who wed Khan in November 2005, shortly after meeting at a party, has now moved out of the couple’s home.

“Laila has moved out of the marital home,” Laila’s friend was quoted by The Sun as saying.

She came into news in 2005 when an Arab Sheikh apparently offered her a million pounds for a dinner date, an offer that she refused.

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Anonymous said...

Yea right laila, how the hell did you not realise your pregnant??? surely you must have realised when you missed your periods that some thing is wrong, I mean its impossible to believe you being pregnant for so long, you clearly must of had some signes "morning sickness,eating,OR EVEN A LUMP LOL surely your stomach was not flat at 6 months. Being a actress and having to wear revealing clothing surely u must have noticed some thing maybe "the stomach is poking out a bit" LOL. However if a woman does not come on her period regular surely you would want to check that out with a doctor alot earlier Im sure you wouldn't wait untill 6 months and even then you where going to check weather it was a kidney infection LOL

And Don't you think you should of kept you home issues at home rather than announcing them in the paper, as your back with him now how does that make him feel, and that doesn't set a good image on your self you still went back to the man who dumped you because you were prenant, some time you show biz girls just don't have a clue how to deal with home and family situation wonder if that was one of your plans to get him back, If you had any feelings or shame the least you could of done was telling the papers that your husband is not what the papers have portrayed him as, after all its you who looks like the one who have no morals degrading him then going back to him.

Nasa Khan you ARE not in the wrong.