Wednesday, December 27, 2006

'Real women have curves'
"I have never thought about the thing that plagues every girl in her teens: the questions of ‘weight’ and how not to have it. I have been lucky in my life to be accepted for my personality and not just the way my body looked.

I have never been skinny. In fact, I used to be a little plump. But I always thought of myself as an attractive woman, because I had the curves to prove it. Through my modelling days, till now, I had never cared much for the gym and modifying the way I look.

Today, the gym is my temple and fitness is my religion. I find that it helps my mental harmony and eventually helps to make me a happier person. My ideal is not to try to attain anything by being desperate. Time and faith in yourself will always get you what you want. Health and a positive body image are important for me and I know that these will last forever".

The above column is a part of Bipasha's diary from her official website.

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