Sunday, January 21, 2007

Bips high on love, life and films

Bipasha says her new website is a huge hit. "The fan mail is intelligent and overwhelming. People don't write just to gush. Lots of intelligent discussions. People are happy to discuss serious issues with me. I'm glad to know fans see me as more than an actress. They want to share their lives. They want to know my beauty regime thoroughly.

Bipasha tries to update her website as frequently as possible. "My public perceptions come through that site. I write a personal diary, though I can't jot down diary entries every day. The website has brought me closer to my audience. I've always been frank. But here I'm totally myself, exactly the way I want to."Bipasha Basu has gradually become a more aware citizen.

She's candid enough to admit Dhoom 2 was Hrithik's show. "We were all aware that Hrithik was the whole and soul of the film. Luckily there was no resentment. He worked so hard, no one could grudge Hrithik and his success. Dhoom 2 banked on Hrithik. The rest of us had it easier. But I must say we all have benefited from the success of Dhoom 2. People said they wanted to see more of me. That surely means they liked me in the film." After playing one double role in Dhoom 2 Bipasha will be playing another double role in Abbas-Mastan's next. "I like the space I've created for myself. I'm not success-obsessed. I'm a bit of a tortoise."

Says Bipasha, "2006 has been really kind. 2007 will see me in Goal first. We wrap up the entire film by April. There'll be no Bipasha release until April. I'm shooting for two Abbas-Mustan's films Mr Fraud and then Race. The one is a comedy. The other is a sport-centric thriller."

In the meanwhile an old stalled Bipasha starrer Nehle Pe Dehla is being released. "That was five years ago! I looked like a child in that film. My confidence-level, my styling and look, they've all changed. But no one can be blamed for the delay. Thankfully it's a comedy and therefore funny despite the delay."

Marriage in 2007? "For sure not. I've turned 28. I'm not ready for marriage yet. Everyone knows I'm committed to John. I don't hide it. But I've too many responsibilities right now. Even my partner isn't ready for the plunge. Hopefully when both of us are ready we'll get married. But yes, it's definitely on the agenda."

Strangely Bipasha's family is no hurry to see her married. "My family totally loves and trusts John. And his family treats me like one of them. Our family respects our relationship. They know we're not in it for fun…Or endorsements," she adds cheekily referring to the write-ups about their professionally beneficial partnership.

"Can you imagine a relationship for one measly endorsement? It's really funny. Now I get upset with insinuations only when a third party is brought into our relationship, or if my parents are hurt. They had once written I come from a poor family where there wasn't even a phone. My parents have given me so much in life. Our dad has given all three of us sisters everything we always wanted. I'm blessed with a family that's simple and funny. At home we're always sharing a joke."

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