Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bobby Deol breaks down in front of dad

Bobby Deol broke down in tears while shooting with dad Dharmendra for their movie ‘Apne’.

Director Anil Sharma’s forthcoming film Apne brings together the three Deols ( Sunny Deol , Bobby and their dad Dharmendra) together on the silver screen for the first time.

The movie is primarily about boxing and relationships. It is about human bonds that are strengthened after going through testing times. The movie’s climax has Bobby and Dharmendra in an emotional scene in which the senior Deol tells Bobby that he is proud of him.

However, while shooting this scene, there was less of acting and more of real emotions between the father and the son. In the scene, Dharmendra proudly acknowledges Bobby and hugs him. But even after the director okayed the shot and called ‘cut’, Bobby kept hugging his father. People on the sets say there were tears in Bobby’s eyes.

Seeing his son getting emotional, Dharmendra tried to pacify him. It took a few minutes for Bobby to quiet down. He then went to his van and freshened up.

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