Monday, January 1, 2007

Marc this ‘item’

Ishaa Koppikar, Koena Mitra, Yana Gupta and even an established actor like Aishwarya Rai have done it. Now the latest addition to the item girl club is the gorgeous Waluscha Robinson. The model, along with fashion choreographer husband Marc Robinson, is all set to sizzle on the big screen in an item number in Hriday Shetty’s forthcoming film ‘Godfather’.
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While Marc made his debut in films years ago, it’s Waluscha’s first brush with cinema. She says that it isn’t the stereotype ‘Babuji’ or ‘Khallas’. “It’s a classy number, not a trashy one. It’s rock and roll and all Marc and I did was jive on the sets,” says Waluscha. “It’s a complete item number from the beginning till the end,” she adds.
In an age where models go to any limit to do an item song, Waluscha says she wants to hold her dignity and self respect. “Offers for doing item numbers sound great and ultimately they fetch you overnight popularity. But I wouldn’t have been comfortable if the song had me surrounded by drunk men drooling over,’ she confides. “In those kind of songs, the audience see only the woman and not the dance. In this number, the focus is on the romantic dance that we’re doing.” The video has been shot in Bulgaria.


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