Monday, March 26, 2007

Nayee Padoasan 2 leading lady finalized

Ankita Shrivastava from Lucknow won the title of the Nayee Padosan 2 held by the producers of Nayee Padosan. She has been selected amongst eight beautiful girls. The contest was judged by Govinda, Sohail Khan, Amrita Arora, Nitin Manmohan and director BH Tharun Kumar.

It was organized in search of new face for leading lady of the movie. The contest saw rounds like a ramp walk, acting sessions and dance numbers. Ekram Akhtar, the writer of the film announced the winner's name.

Ankita will play the leading lady in the film which is a sequel to Nayee Padosan. The contest was organized by Pooja Ghai and Vikaas Kalantri’s White Leaf Entertainment. The sequel will be directed by BH Tharun Kumar who also directed the original. While Vikas Kalantri and Aslam Khan are retained from the original cast while Anuj Sawhney has decided to move on.

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