Sunday, April 15, 2007

Abhi-Ash Wedding - Security Details
Hidden metal detectors, electronically coded invites, 300 special security guards… The security measures at Abhi-Ash's wedding almost gives competition to the Pentagon!

The Bachchans have left no stone unturned as far as the security for the Abhi-Ash wedding is concerned. Security arrangements will be all- encompassing across the areas covering Jalsa and Pratiksha, and the 10th Road of JVPD scheme. Hi-tech electronic equipment have been installed and besides this exceptional security surveillance, not less than 300 security guards will be on their toes for the sake of top-notch political and social glitterati who will be attending India's most publicised wedding this year.

The kadak bandobast is a given considering the who's who of India's political and social arena will be attending the wedding. Reveals a top police official (who's identity has been kept confidential on his request) "There will be a host of A-listers from the political and social arena but only Balasaheb Thackeray and Mulayam Singh Yadav will be allowed their personal security."

Says a source, "Top technology is involved for the sake of security sake. Hidden door frame metal detectors will be installed in a way that no one will ever come to know of them." On being probed further, he added, "Every security gadget known to us is being used. Hi-tech security devices will be in place on the wedding day. Apart from this, every invitation has a serial number and an electronic coding which will allow the guest in only after swiping the card. Also, a member from the Bachchan family will be at the entrance without whose approval and consent guests won't be allowed to enter the mandap."

The entire backyard of Jalsa is converted into a marriage hall, which will have only one door for entry as well as exit. The interior decoration is taken care by the Sandeep-Khosla team, the food is being catered by one of the top five-star hotels in town. George Fleit, a well-known florist will work on 1500 exotic Heliconia flowers, especially flown in from Bangalore.

The wedding is planned to have an interesting theme and a sound-proof structure has been erected so that nothing disturbs the serenity within. When contacted Jai Thakore of EFactor, (the same event management team that contributed largely for Subroto Roy's son's wedding) confirmed the news, saying, "Yes, we have erected a sound-proof structure at Jalsa but I cannot let out the concept since we are under a confidentiality contract with the Bachchans." Hush, hush.

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