Sunday, April 15, 2007

Shabana-starrer wins Best Film Award in NYC

Shabana Azmi and awards have almost become synonymous. So it comes as no surprise that her new film, "Loins Of Punjab Presents", has won the best feature film honour at the 2007 First Run Festival in New York.

This unique festival held from April 11-16 honoured 120 first films by directors from all over the world.

Says Shabana, "`Loins Of Punjab Presents` is a really wacky film about a beauty contest. The director, Manish Acharya, is in New York to receive the award.

"Though I did a wacky film recently, `Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd`, I`ve never done anything as crazy as `Loins Of Punjab Presents`... It`s quite a delightful film. I play this wicked socialite Rrita Kapoor (don`t miss the two rrs). Trust me, Manish has talent in the same measure as Farhan Akhtar."

Shabana has seldom been so excited about a director. "Manish is an insanely talented filmmaker. Would you believe, he was a hotshot executive in an American company and was offered obscene amounts of money to join an Indian company. But he told his wife, `If I continue doing this I`ll never have the courage to make a film.` She`s a very good painter. She agreed to support him while he went away to NYU and performed very well there."

"The Loins Of Punjab" fell into Shabana's lap suddenly. "Manish approached me out of the blue through Ayesha Dharker. I really enjoyed this film."

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