Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sallu ka nikaah? It's only hawaa
Yesterday morning, a crowd of around 500 persons collected outside Galaxy Apartments, Salman Khan’s Bandra residence. The crowds were excitedly discussing Salman’s marriage to girlfriend Katrina Kaif.

According to the rumours, the duo had gotten married in a hush-hush ceremony on Tuesday. The crowds wanted a glimpse of the happy couple.

Says a source from the film industry, “The industry has been abuzz with speculation about the Salman-Katrina marriage ever since the Abhi-Ash wedding date had been announced.

Some people even thought that Salman and Katrina would announce their wedding date a day before or the same day as the Abhi-Ash wedding (April 20) and upstage their event.” And that’s where the wedding rumours apparently started.

When contacted, Katrina Kaif burst into laughter. “I think everyone has gone mad! I couldn’t have got married yesterday! I have been shooting for Abbas-Mustan’s Race with Akshaye Khanna in Dubai for the last three days. Right now, I have just come back from shopping with my sister Isabel who is with me in Dubai, and we are having a gala time shopping and enjoying the food.”

According to a source in Star Plus, “Everyone knows that Salman and Katrina have shot for KBC3 with Shah Rukh but what no one knows is that this episode was planned to coincide with the Bachchan-Rai wedding.

Shah Rukh Khan’s KBC3 starring Katrina and Salman will be aired on April 19 (just a day before the wedding). It will be one of the most viewed shows on air and will garner high TRPs as Salman and Katrina together have never come on TV for a show. So while the media will be busy trying to catch what’s happening on the wedding that day, the viewers will be sitting at home watching KBC3.”

When asked about her return to Mumbai, Kat says, “I am coming back at the end of the month,”. That rules out marriage for Sal-Kat at least on April 20!

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