Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sanjay Dutt's Biography In Pipeline
Sanjay Dutt's life has all the ingredients that make a bestseller. It has been a journey lined with anger, grief, bitterness and, ultimately, some satisfaction. And now his life will be encapsulated in a tell-all biography.

The brainchild of director Sanjay Gupta, the biography promises to look back on the actor's life as it has been. "What a life…and what a story it would make! There's too much there to be compressed into a three-hour movie. Only a book-like format can do justice to Sanju's story," says Gupta.

And who is better equipped to tell Sanju's story than his namesake and confidante Sanjay Gupta? But for once, Gupta is stepping back. The biography will be written by a professional writer while Gupta and Dutt's joint production house White Feather will produce what will hopefully be the ultimate Dutt story. Gupta says, "We have zeroed in on some writers for the project. It's an idea that was just waiting to be executed. From his naughty childhood to troubled teens, to his fight with drugs to his long-drawn legal battle, it will chronicle all aspects of Sanju's life. We have to cover it all."

Apparently, Gupta is planning a three-volume biography which will leave no aspect of Dutt's life uncovered. "It's time our big stars had their stories written down. We at White Feather hope to start a new movement towards star biographies," promises Gupta.

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