Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Anubhav Sinha's next film to be set in Rome

Anubhav Sinha's rise as director from the small time Tum Bin to big-scale action flicks like Dus and now Cash is phenomenal. But his biggest is yet to come - he's producing and directing a film that will be shot in Rome from July 15.

"My entire film will be situated in Rome. This film will be my last action flick. It's a $5 million film with huge action launching three new boys who will be signed on for my company. These three boys will have six films each from our production house in the next two years," Sinha said.

The yet-untitled film will also have a female star from Bollywood and a big Italian actress. The entire technical crew will be from Italy. Sinha plans to wrap up the film by Sep 15 so he can have a Christmas release.

Update: The film is titled Chase.



monia said...

Hi Ravi,
My name is Monia and I a currently doing a Phd on Italian and Bollywood co-productions. Would you be able to give more info about Chase? ...I am looking on the Internet but nothing really useful is there. Thanks for you help.


Ravi said...

@Monia - Hi there!

What do you wanna know?

Let me tell you, all these news have been taken from the web only, so we both are sitting in the same boat ;)

However, if you are little specific about what exactly are you looking for, I would do a lil research of my own!

And yes, thanks for dropping by :)

Take care!