Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hrithik escapes unhurt in Mercedes mishap

Bollywood heartthrob Hrithik Roshan's S-class Mercedes was badly dented on Sunday night due to a road accident near Panvel. The actor who was in the car and was on his way to Karjat for the shoot of Jodhaa Akbar escaped unhurt.

Reportedly there was a Zen ahead of Hrithik's car which wasn't giving way even after repeated honking from Hrithik's driver Sushil. After repeated attempts Hrithik's driver managed to overtake the Zen. After getting the lead the Mercedes slowed down a bit. Then suddenly the Zen car driver who was apparently drunk bumped into Hrithik's car. A Bolero which was traveling quite close to the Zen jammed hard but hit by a truck from behind it rammed into the Zen. Had the accident happened at a higher speed one can only imagine the consequences.

According to sources Hrithik even came out of his car and tried to confront the driver of the Zen. But seeing his drunken state he left the place. Despite the accident Hrithik went ahead to Karjat for the shoot of Jodhaa Akbar.

The Mercedes car in which Hrithik was traveling is only second of its kind in the whole of India. Karan Johar owning the other one. The Roshans car has been sent for repairs to the company.


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