Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dilip Kumar won't play SRK's dad

Dilip Kumar isn't playing Shah Rukh Khan's father in Vivek Vaswani's comedy, Dulha Mil Gaya.

Saira Banu personally denies any such claim. Beyond that, the couple refuses to comment. But a close family friend has a lot to say about such attempts to bring the two Khan superstars together.

He says, "Dilip Kumar-SRK ties go back a long way. Both are pathans and share a common passion for cinema. What clinched the matter was Saira Banu's declaration some years ago at an awards function that if she and her husband had a son, he'd probably look like Shah Rukh. The idea of casting them as father and son must have been born then. But, if the two do come together, it would hardly be in a comedy like Dulha Mil Gaya where SRK has a mere guest appearance."

Adds the friend, "It's unlikely that Dilip Kumar would ever face the camera again. He's not keeping well these days and cannot move anywhere without his wife by his side."The last film where Dilip Kumar made a screen appearance was Umesh Mehra's Quila.


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