Monday, May 14, 2007

The Namesake completes 50 days

Mira Nair's The Namesake, a co-production of UTV Motion Pictures and Fox Searchlight, has completed its run of 50 successful days at the box office.

It sets a new record in an era where producers count on opening week revenues and box office hits are those movies that manage to run for three to four weeks.

The Namesake has set a benchmark for Indian crossover and Hollywood blockbuster films at the box office. The film generated a cumulative gross average per print of Rs 11,17,000 within 7 weeks of its release. Moreover, it heralds the dawn of the commercial acceptance of a new kind of English cinema in India.

The Namesake boasts of superb performances by Irfan Khan, Tabu and Kal Penn. It is an intimate family saga that spans across continents and generations yet stays close to the heart the film, though humble, apparently has garnered acclaim across various sections of societies in the world.

After being mega successful at the box office, and having earned high acclaim from the critics and audiences across the spectrum, The Namesake will be screened at the closing of the Habitat Film Festival 2007 to the held at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi on May 27.

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