Sunday, May 13, 2007

Rekha lashes out

The controversies relating to producer Bipin Vohra and director Gautam Ghosh's recently released Yatra simply don't seem to die down. After their spat, the latest to join the sulking brigade is Rekha, the lead actress of the film.

She is apparently very upset with the way Ghosh handled her dance sequences in the film. Rekha says she doesn't expect anything from Yatra. According to her, two antras from her song sequences have been deleted. "I put in my best in the Jaam Ye Mohabbat number. It's ridiculous that the director ruthlessly edited it," says Rekha adding, "I had no problems with anyone else, especially the producer."

Rekha is also unhappy with the way Shaswati Sen choreographed the mujra sequence. "Shaswati may be a good dancer but not a good choreographer," she says. And that's why she insisted that she be choreographed by Saroj Khan for that mujra.

Rekha plays courtesan Lajwanti in Yatra, a character in Nana Patekar's novel, who plays an author in the film. The actress says , "My role was reduced to playing second fiddle to Nana Patekar."

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