Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sharmila Tagore is in for a surprise!

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"I am picking up something up for Amma for Mother's Day," says Soha. "Because I hope to please her on her special day," she smiles.

Soha wandered through the Lacoste boutique in delhi city, checking out the recently launched Spring Summer 2007 collection and range of footwear. "I'm here because Lacoste is smart, international and has classic cuts and styles. They have a certain timeless appeal. Amma is always elegant. She likes to be comfy, especially during summer. She leads an active life and wants to feel good. Lacoste's range would certainly appeal to my mother's tastes," says the petite star.

And what did she hope to find for her mother here? "Mom goes to the gym, is quite athletic, likes cottons and natural clothes. She prefers elegant, but comfy clothing and her dressing style is understated. My mom is true to herself. She understands her body type and dresses accordingly. I think Lacoste has some sporty stuff I can pick for her," says Soha.

And what are her mom's fave colours? "Mom likes pastels and she can carry them off very well. She goes for shades like olive green, pink and blue. Hmmm... maybe I'll pick an orange to make things a bit peppier," she says.

Is it a surprise gift? "Mom is in Mumbai on Mother's Day. I didn't give her anything last year, so this is going to be a surprise," she grins mischievously.

Isn't she tempted to shop for herself as well? "I'm not much of a shopper. But now that I'm here and there is so much variety, I'll buy something for myself too. Lacoste is an enduring international brand and it will be difficult not to shop for the rest of my family... my dad, bro and sis too. I discovered there are socks here and maybe will pick up some for dad," says Soha, her eyes travelling to the men's range.

So, thanks to mama Sharmila, everybody is getting a gift this Mother's Day!

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