Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tribute to Satyajit Ray

On the occasion of his 86th birth anniversary, Bollywood came out in full force to honour and pay tribute to one of the India's greatest filmmaker - Satyajit Ray - who had put India on a global platform throught the world of cinema.

Satyajit Ray, a master storyteller and a master of world cinema, made his films in Bengali, however, he managed to break all language barriers. His exemplary work in the field of cinema has not been forgotten even in the commercial world of Bollywood till date.

Commenting on the great film maker, Sharmila Tagore, actor, said:"He was a great film maker as he was the only recipient of Oscar so far in this country and has won many international awards. He is the only best known director outside India, who is known to everyone across the globe. He has left a wonderful heritage and legacy of work."

Three of Ray's films Goopy Gyan Bagha Byan, Aranyer Din Ratri and Pratidwandi will be showcased over the next few days in Mumbai, a treat for Mumbaikars, who will get to enjoy Ray's trademark humanistic approach to cinema where laughter, joy, relationships and emotions are blended together to form gripping cinema without melodrama or excess.

Talking on the films and the film maker, Shatrughan Sinha, actor said:"I can't say whether such kind of films will be made in the future or not or whether we will ever come across such a great filmmaker, however, I do hope that such good films should be made. Moreover, there is a dire need for film makers, who can guide the Indian cinema and take it into a different league all together."

While, Deepti Naval, actor said:"He is the soul of the Indian cinema."

Though, his films never belonged to a particular genre, there is no doubt that Satyajit Ray definitely belonged to the ranks of Akira Kurosawa and Alfred Hitchcock, a fact that is recognised till today.

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