Saturday, May 19, 2007

Vikram Bhatt jumps into production with Mumbai Salsa

According to Reshma Kelkar from IndiaFm, after directing films for more than a decade, Vikram Bhatt is finally taking a plunge into production. He has got into a joint venture with ASA to launch a production banner called ASA Films Pvt. Ltd.

ASA is a corporate group into steel and coal industry. Vikram explains, "ASA wanted to make foray into a film production and I have known them socially for a while. Over the period of time we realized that we have similar ideas and concept".

But why did he shift towards production when he was busy directing multiple projects like Fear and Speed simultaneously? Bhatt has a clear theory behind his action. "I always wanted to make different kind of movies. As a director I have worked with new actors and realized that there are some talented directors in the industry too. I wanted to be in position where I can see my ideas being executed by such talented filmmakers. So there was need of a company that will make such movies, which as a director you may not have the time to work on.

So which director is he giving a chance with the first film under his banner? "The first film will be directed by me and is titled Mumbai Salsa. It's a feel good movie based on eight main protagonists. It will make you laugh and at times will give you a lump in the throat, now and then. The film takes a tragic-comedy look at the dysfunctional relationships in a metro in a funny kind of a way and how everybody is looking for love", divulges Vikram.

"Mumbai Salsa is a pub/discotheque and tells the story of people who visit this discotheque. Everyone here is in lookout for something. Either they want to meet someone whom they have met before or have just come to forget their loneliness. It also talks about their desires and aspirations."

And who are playing these 8 characters in the film? "Our whole company profile is to work with new talents because we want to bring something new. So we are launching Vir Das who will play the male lead of the film. He does a standup comedy show on CNBC. Also there is Linda Arsenio who was seen as the American journalist in Kabul Express. Other actors will be revealed soon."

Mumbai Salsa will go on floors on May 21 and will be shot in Bombay and Bangkok.