Friday, May 18, 2007

Will Kangana be Salman's leading lady in Pokhiri Remake?

According to Subhash K. Jha of IndiaFm, the resourceful Boney Kapoor is ready to start a re-make of the Telugu film Pokhiri directed by South India's rubberman Prabhu Deva. Salman Khan has been signed to play the role immortalized by Mahesh Babu in Telugu. But who will play Salman's leading lady?

“We don't want any of the girls who have already worked with Salman. In the Pokhiri remake we want to create a fresh pair with Salman and a girl he has never worked with. I think audiences are tired of watching him with the established heroines,” said Boney on Thursday before he left for a ten-day trip to London and LA.

One possibility that was seriously considered was Asin, the Telugu actress who co-starred with Mahesh Babu in the original. But Asin has apparently signed an exclusive contract for the Hindi remake of another South Indian blockbuster Gajini opposite Aamir Khan.

Now Boney is looking at Kangana. “Both my wife Sridevi and I saw her work in Gangster and thought there was something really special about her. She isn't like the other girls in Bollywood. She has a very unique personality.”

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