Friday, August 3, 2007

Aamir Khan is Chhote Saab!

Very few people know that Kiran Rao has a special pet name for Aamir Khan.

She fondly calls her husband Chhote. Initially, Kiran used to use the affectionate way to address Aamir only when the two of them were alone.

However the pet name was leaked when Salman Khan invited Aamir and Kiran, along with Rani Mukerji, over for dinner one day and Kiran loosened up enough during the course of the evening to use it.

Says a source, " Kiran said, 'Chhote have this' and 'Chhote have that' a couple of times." This amused Sallu no end.

"Salman Khan could not help being amused by Kiran calling Aamir Chhote! Brat that he is, he kept using the name too, in between peals of laughter," adds the source.

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