Thursday, August 30, 2007

Kareena: "Shahid and I are very much together!"

Only yesterday it was reported that the handsome couple, Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor, had called it quits and that Bebo had replaced her SK (Shahid Kapoor) with another SK (Saif Ali Khan).

Apparently, Bebo and Saif became 'good friends' on the sets of Tashan and Shahid wasn't too comfortable with the camaraderie.

However, Kareena maintains that it isn't as easy as that!

"Shahid and I are very much together. He is in Toronto right now. All these rumours are ridiculous," she is heard to have said.

Well, at least one couple is intelligent enough to come forward and clarify their stand.

Bollywood Buzz wishes them more love :o)

Update: They are officially separated!


rukz said...

i think that kareena and shahid should not break up, if they are. i think they are the cutest couple in the whole of bollywood. i think it's not fair on shahid.

Ravi said...

@rukz - You're right however I'm afraid they have broke up and now Kareena is dating Saif (see the update)

Thanks for dropping by!