Saturday, September 22, 2007

Exclusive First Look: Singh Is Kinng

Bollywood Buzz presents a sneak peak on Akshay Kumar's upcoming flick, Singh Is Kinng!

In this Anees Bazmee project, Akshay, who initially plays a clean shaven Sikh, later portrays a menacing underworld gang lord.

Singh Is Kinng is releasing in the summer of 2008.


gurman said...

If they are using"singh is king" as the title name for the movie then atleast they should(producers/directo/actor)keep in mind that he(aki) should look like a singh,which means that his turban should not be a fake one(usually used in movies to potray sikhs in a wrong way thereby using them as funny characters)and it(turban)should cover ears which is not the case in "Exclusive first look of this movie".We all are looking forward (in a positive way)to this film.we hope that this film this film doesn't contain anything that could hurt our sentiments.

Ravi said...

@gurman - i agree with you buddy..lets hope its done in good taste..

thanks for dropping by :)

take care..cheers!

panchoda said...

lol nice its gonna be really funny xD

Ravi said...

@panchoda - You Bet!

Thanks for coming, buddy :o)

Take care!

Anonymous said...

gr8 work ravi keep on this look for the first trailer