Thursday, October 11, 2007

Aamir Khan chatted with me!!

Ok guys i want to share something with you all :o)

We had told you earlier about Aamir Khan launching his personal website on Oct 10.

What I never expected was...a chat with Mr.Perfectionist himself!!! (see screenshots below)

For a bigger picture click here!

For a bigger picture click here!

I logged in at at exactly 9pm yesterday and there were already 300 people logged in! My chances of getting selected were narrow however I still hanged around.

As soon as Aamir came onto his website (we can see him through the webcam..remember?) the public went beserek!!

It was a complete "online madness" as people start typing furiously, craving for Aamir's attention, chanting his name, his movies and a constant request for picking them up for a one-on-one chat.

As expected, the server crashed twice and Aamir had to personally visit the tech support team's office in Mumbai!

What amazed me was that Aamir was in constant touch with his online audience through his laptop (using data card). So even when he was stuck in a traffic jam, he jotted down the following lines on his blog:

"I should be there in 15 mts. Thank god for this blog. At least I can keep you'll posted. am using my wirefree connection on my lap top stay online. Was using this same laptop to chat. Was not having any problem with the net connection. For some reason my chat window was hanging on me. I believe the tech team at the office are testing the chat and I am told it working from there. Almost there now."

I spend around 10 minutes with him. He asked me about where I'm from, what I do and whether I liked his website (you bet!).

I told him that apart from my day job, I do have a blog on Bollywood and gave him the link also which he noted down.

Thank you Aamir for selecting me among the 300+ audience :o)

More details of Aamir Khan chat conversation.


laura said...

Well buddy, nice to know about your chatting story with Amir khan. Really ,it must be a great moment which you have cherished very much. Looking to hear more exciting story from you . Do check my site to get latest update about bollywood news .

Solitaire said...

Next time you chat with him tell him that a girl called Sneha loves him to death!

Ravi said...

@Solitaire - I never knew your name was Sneha!!!!!!!!!!

All this while, I thought you are Solitaire ;)

Your wish is my command ji :)

Thanks for dropping by my old blog..much appreciated!

Take care n keep look sweet!

vEENs said...

u r soooooo LUCKY..damn it

when u r telling him abt Sneha...tell him abt me tooo...use this words exzactly..

" are one crazy dude...but i still love u for that! will jus meet me ONCE?"