Sunday, November 4, 2007

Akshay Kumar In Dhoom 3?

Apparently actor Akshay Kumar is all fired up and waiting to play the role of the snazzy well equipped stylish villain in Dhoom 3.

The star has reportedly expressed his intentions to Aditya Chopya and is really pepped up to play the role.

The role is that of a negative anti-hero character but the way they stood out in the previous two sequels has apparently made Akki go crazy. It is rumoured that Akki wants to do this role no matter what happens.

Stay tuned in!


Deepali said...

This would be interesting. Akshay Kumar is a REAL rock star.

Ravi said...

@deepali - Yeah! Akki is now one of the biggest saleable stars in our cinema.

Lets see if there is any truth in this news..

Thanks for your time :)

Take care!